Ms. Wallace is no longer with our company. Due to staffing issues, the HCV Admissions Department is temporarily closed. Other staff members will continue monitoring this email mailbox, but please expect significant delays as we work diligently towards resuming normal admissions activities. Please see below for additional information.

Please contact your Housing Specialist directly. Housing Specialist are assigned based on the participant/tenant’s last name. For participants/tenant with the last name beginning with A – Jen, the Housing Specialist is Lynette Harwood at For participants/tenants with the last name beginning with Jeo – Z, the Housing Specialist is Latrisa Williams at

Request for Tenancy Approvals and Initial Inspections
If you are an applicant or a landlord who has already submitted an RFTA or needs to submit an RFTA, please continue to use this email address. Processing inspections and new admissions for existing voucher holders will be the top priority for staff covering admissions.

Applicants who have received a voucher
If you are an applicant who has attended a briefing, but has not yet received a voucher please know that we are working on getting those issued as quickly as possible. You will have the full search time from the date your voucher is issued.

Applicants already scheduled for a briefing
We expect to continue with the briefings already scheduled. Please follow the directions on the appointment letter you received and notify us using this email address if you encounter any problems logging on.

Applicants pulled from the waiting list who have not been scheduled for a briefing
Unfortunately we will not be able to schedule any additional briefings at this time. Please make sure you have submitted all information requested in the letter mailed to you and you will be contacted once we are able to resume briefings and voucher issuances.

Applicants on the waiting list
If you have already submitted an application for the HCV program, you can check your position on the waiting list by calling the My Waiting List automated line at 704-675-7677. You will need your social security number and date of birth to access your record. Make sure you allow the prompts finish completely before you enter your information. Otherwise the system may not be able to locate your application record. The My Waiting List automated system is only updated once per month, so if you have made changes to your application please allow 4 – 8 weeks for the information on My Waiting List to be updated. We are not able to estimate how long it will take for your name to reach the top of the waiting list. Fluctuations to waiting list position numbers are normal as other applications are submitted, corrected, updated, or removed. If you’re the My Waiting List automated line cannot locate your application record, please notify us at this email address. You will need to include the name you used on your application, the last four digits of your social security number and your current mailing address for us to be able to research the issue for you. Response times my be significantly delayed because of staffing issues.

Applications will continue to be accepted. You can download an application from our website at or request one be mailed to you by emailing The normal timeframe to enter applications and receive an acknowledgement

Confirmation of documents received
We are not able to confirm receipt of documents at this time. If you are an applicant who has submitted documents or verifications, we will contact you if we are missing anything we need for your file.

Thank you for your patience as we work diligently to handle all open issues and resume our normal admissions functions.

Section 8 Managemen.